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Visit to Aldea Infantil Miguel Grau in Piura, Peru

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Visit to Aldea Infantil Miguel Grau in Piura, Peru

May 08, 2012 Piura, Peru

Fernando Cisneros, representative for Fundacion Manos del Sur, visited Aldea Infantil Miguel Grau de Piura, with Monsignor Jose Antonio Eguren, Archbishop of Piura.

The children welcomed them with joy and gave them presents made by them in the bakery, art and textiles workshops.

In 2010, Manos del Sur financed the creation of many of the Aldea's workshops and in  2011 they built a laundry and paid for improvements to the installation, such as wall, windows, electric systems. In  2012 many programs will be financed as well.

This institution provides a home to more than 70 children from 7 months to 17 years old, who are orphans, have been abandoned or lived in conditions of abuse or neglect and were paced at the home by the courts. In the Home they receive meals, education, health care and recreational activities with the support of many volunteers.



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