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New Youth Service trip 2012

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New Youth Service trip

November 04, 2011 Miami

After four very successful youth service trips to Nicaragua, we have decided to add another summer trip to work at the school.

The first trip will take place from June 10 to 16, 2012 and the second trip will take place from August 5 to 12, 2012. We will travel to Managua, Nicaragua to work at Pan y Amor's school at Mercado Oriental. This will be our 5th trip to Pan y Amor and the volunteers that have gone in the past have really enjoyed working, playing and sharing time with the children.

As in the past, we are taking volunteers entering 10th, 11th and 12th grade.

The June trip is sold out. We still have openings for the August trip.

For more information call 305 860 6529 or by email at

Some volunteer's experiences

"Two years ago I got the opportunity to participate in a community service trip in Managua, Nicaragua along with thirteen other students from various schools such as La Salle, Gulliver and Columbus. This past June was my second year going, and I have to say each year surpasses the previous.

We help out in a school called "Pan y Amor" in the Mercado Oriental area, one of the largest and most dangerous markets in Latin America. The aim of this trip was as simple as giving these kids the attention that they do not have anywhere else. Every day we planned different activities for the kids, such as arts and crafts, mathematical games, and one day was even reserved for a soccer tournament that we, the volunteers, participated in along with the students.

Personally, this experience was immensely life changing. Living in Key Biscayne is a huge privilege, everything is close by, everyone knows each other, and most importantly we are safe from any harm. Because we are so fortunate we tend to forget that there are millions of people in the world living in poverty, and this trip certainly opened my eyes to what these boys and girls were going through. What had the greatest effect on me was seeing the way these kids always seem so filled with joy, regardless of the devastating hardships they were going through. There was not one boy or girl who did not smile at you whenever you passed by, and they never forgot to say please and thank you. What they appreciated most from us was the individual care we provided each one of them with, which is the component they lack the most of at home. During recess, they would want to play soccer for hours with us, they wanted to be read stories, or they simply just wanted to tell us a joke. They kissed and hugged you with so much love that it may have seemed as if you have known them all your life, even though we were with them for only five days.

This trip opened my eyes to how important it is to be thankful for everything that we have been given? little things such having a home where we eat three times a day, having clean water to shower and a bed to sleep in. None of these children have these kind of advantages that is why it was important for us to go on this trip, and show these kids that we appreciate them so much, because we did not change their lives in a span of five days, but they surely changed ours." by Magdalena Victoria

" Some call it a third world country, others call it home, some even call it paradise but I just refer to it as, Nicaragua. This summer I was lucky enough to participate in the service trip for the second time. The year prior was incredible and I was able to experienced things I had never experienced before. Within a week 14 of us become superstars in this school; the children ask for our autographs, pictures with us, bracelets and drawings were given to us by the dozens and our hugs were like gold to them. During that week we all truly feel like celebrities.  The love that was returned to us is what made us truly feel special and worthwhile, it was a feeling we hope to reciprocate back to them. I cannot decide what year has been better because both have been so great that one cannot compare the two to make a final decision.

Someone as lucky as myself is never able to truly grasp what it is to live in poverty or to have to worry about luxuries we take for granted such as: clean clothes, showers, meals, or even if you will be lucky enough to survive another day. The children whom I was able to work with told me stories of horrific things that had occurred to them or others around them. One thing I am still unable to understand is how these kids who truly have nothing are able to come in everyday to school with a smile on their face.

Some call it a third world country, others call it home, some even call it paradise but I just refer to it as, Nicaragua, the place which truly opened my eyed to how fortunate I am and the reason why I must take advantage of every opportunity presented to me." by Iñigo Hernandez Ysasi


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