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ANTUAN, base paint project curator

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ANTUAN, base paint project curator

April 22, 2010 Miami



Villa Clara, Cuba, January 9, 1972




2006    Art Fellowship, University of Valencia, Spain.

2001    Master in iron and resin,

            Atelier D'Art Ros Mari, Valencia, Spain.

1998    Fine Arts Scholarship granted by Fundación Bancaja

            Valencia, Spain.

1997    Master in bronze casting under the direction of sculptor Josep Castell.

Perpignan, France

1996    B.A.  Fine Arts

           Universidad Felix Varela

Villa Clara, Cuba.

1987    San Alejandro National Academy of the Arts

1985    Graduate of Elemental Level in Art, EVA Olga Alonso

            Villa Clara, Cuba.


Collective Exhibits


2010      Miami International Art Fair, Miami, FL USA

              Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL USA

 Los Angeles Art Show, LA, CA USA

              Arte Americas, Miami, FL USA

              Art Shanghai, Shanghai, China

 Pinta  Artfair, London, UK

2009      Durban-Segnini  Gallery, Miami,  FL USA

              Bridge Art Fair- Miami, FL USA

             Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL USA

              Museum Of Latin American Art, MOLAA CA.USA

              Art on Track, Chicago Art Track, IL USA

              NOBE  67 ART, Miami, FL USA

2008      ArtChicago, IL,USA.

              Collective Cuban Artists, University of Miami, FL, USA.

              Arteamericas, Miami, FL, USA.

              I Muestra Expo Arte al Limite, Santiago, Chile.

              Circa-Art- Fair, Puerto Rico 2008

2007      Sculpture Key West, Key West, USA.

              Art Fair, Valencia, Spain.

              Circa Art Fair, Puerto Rico.

              Art Fair- Photo - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

              Arte Latex, University of Valencia, Spain.

    Aldo Castillo Gallery,  Chicago, ILUSA

     Arteamericas, Miami, USA

             Sculpture Key West By Land , Sea and Sky,  Key West, USA.

             Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA.

2006      Hard Core Menu: Samples and Dishes,  Miami, FL, USA.

              Consuming Art - Dot 51 Art Space, Miami, FL, USA.

       Alejandra Von Hartz Fine Arts, Miami, FL, USA

               La Estampa Palacio de Los Cristales, Madrid, Spain.

               Art Fair,  Valencia, Spain

               Art Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center, USA

               Galeria Nina Menocal, D.F., Mexico.

               Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, Maco, Mexico.

2005       Arteamericas, Miami, FL, USA.

               Art Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL, USA.

            Arte Santander 2005, XIV Feria Internacional de Arte     Contemporanea, Santander , Spain.

2004      Art Basel Design District, Miami, FL, USA. 

              La Estampa Palacio de Los Cristales, Madrid, Spain.

             Masters Mystery Art Show, FIU, Miami, FL, USA.

              First Annual Juried Photography Exhibition - New York City, NY,


              GaleriargentaValencia, Spain.

2003      Arte Digital Diaspora, Studio Soto - Boston, MA, USA.

              International Art Fair - New York City, NY, USA.

              Hollywood Biennale - Hollywood, FL, USA.

             Galeriargenta - Valencia, Spain.

2002      Bronxville Art Center - Bronx, NY, USA.

2001      Universidad de Valencia - Valencia, Spain.

2000      Fundación Bancaja - Valencia, Spain.

              531 Central Fine Arts Gallery - Saint Petersburg, FL, USA.

              Gallery Nouveau San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1999      Florida International University, The Art Museum - Miami, FL,USA.

1998      Contemporary Art Center Wifredo Lam - Havana, Cuba.

              Artistic Center La Regenta Canary Islands, Spain.

             Panamericana Gallery Mariano Rodriguez - Havana, Cuba.

             Gallery UNEAC (Unión Nacional de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba) -

             Havana, Cuba.

             Galería Nacional de Artes Plásticas Hotel Varadero International -

             Matanza, Cuba.

             Gallery Ridel - San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1997     Contemporary Art Center Josep Castell - Perpignan, France.

             Gallery Albero - Canary Islands, Spain.

1995     Gallery Paisajes Fondo de Bienes Culturales de Cuba - Villa Clara,


1994     UNEAC Exhibit of Artists from the Gallery Provincial of CAA,  Cuba.

1993     First Center and Gallery Wifredo Lam - Villa Clara, Cuba.

             Fourth Sculptural Encounter - Villa Clara, Cuba.


Individual Exhibits


2007    HIDES -The Silvana Facchini Gallery,

                          parallel Miami Basel 2007, Miami, FL, USA.

2006     Gallery Matthei  Santiago De Chile.

             Visions Hardcore, Contemporary Art Space, Miami, USA.

2004    The Right Eye Galeriargenta - Valencia, Spain.

2003    Galleries at the Interchurch Center - New York City, NY, USA.

2002    Bronxville Art Center - Bronx, NY, USA.

2001    531 Central Fine Arts Gallery - Saint Petersburg, FL, USA.

           Gallery Noveau - San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2000    Contemporary Art Center Jose Castell - Perpignan, France.

1999    Gallery Ridal - San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1998    Center of Contemporary Art, Castle San Felipe - Canary Islands, Spain.

            Sin Permiso de Viaje (Without Permit to Travel)

Luis de Soto, Universidad de La Havana, Faculty of Arts and Letters    Havana, Cuba.

            Memorias del Siglo XX    (Memories of the Twentieth Century)

Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.

1997    Arca de la Memoria (Arc of Memory) - Canary Islands, Spain.

1996    Origen (Origin) - Perpignan, France.

1995    Forma Tres (Form Three) - Villa Clara, Cuba.


Honors & Awards


2006    Prize -Sculpture Key West 

            Key West, FL, USA.

2003    Cuban Artistic Foundation (CAF), Rockefeller Brothers Fund

New York City, NY, USA.

2000    First Place, Autumn

Canary Islands, Spain.

1998    First Place, Galería Nacional de Artes Plásticas

Villa Clara, Cuba.

1997    First Place, Provincial Gallery of the Plastic Arts

Villa Clara, Cuba.

1995    Prize, Galería Nacional de Artes Plásticas

Villa Clara, Cuba.

1994    Prize, Provincial Gallery of the CAA

Villa Clara, Cuba.

1993    Honorable Mention, First Center and Gallery Wifredo Lam

           Santi Espíritu, Cuba.

1993    Honorable Mention, Galería de Artes Plásticas

Villa Clara, Cuba.

1993    Honorable Mention, Galería de Caricaturas

Villa Clara, Cuba.




Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami, Florida

Vatican Art Museum, Vatican City.

Fundación Bancaja, Valencia, Spain

Contemporary Art Center Josep Castell, Perpignan, France

Cintas Collection, Miami, Florida

Pepe Cabrera Collection

Private collections:

Mexico, Greece, Chile, Spain, United States, Italy, Canada, Canary Islands, Argentina,

France, Puerto Rico, Vatican



Antuan's Social Projects


In 2008, he cooperated with Step by Step Foundation donating work to raise funds for a school in Tipa Tipa, Haiti.


In 2006, he was one of the twelve artists invited to the University of Valencia's contemporary art project ARTE LATEX. Antuán's Testimonios  (2006) is an installation which documents months of interviews with hundreds of AIDS patients, first in Florida, USA and then in Spain.


In 2006, he created the  Premio a la Resistencia (Resistance Award) for social workers in La Coma neighborhood in Valencia.


From 2003 to 2005, he opened his studio to the public every Wednesday as an Energy Healing Center in collaboration with other artists.


En 2004, Florida International University commissioned him the design of two bronze awards to honor benefactors and professors.


As from 1998, Antuán has been working in cooperation with Colegio Mayor of the marginal neighborhood of La Coma in Valencia, Spain, in the design of projects for cultural and social development which will seek, through art and its teaching, to include into society, cultural and ethnic groups that have been discriminated against, as the gypsies.


From 1998 to 2006, he worked together with the Spanish Fundación Bancaja on several projects related to cultural, social and ecological development. 


In 2003, he worked with Joaquín García Roca, the well known Spanish writer and sociologist, giving a series of conferences to sociology students at several universities in Spain, using art as an aid to social management.


In 2002, he participated in the project The art to the mountains in the Escambray mountain range in central Cuba, painting murals for rural schools while working as an art instructor in far-away locations.


In 1996, while studying bronze casting in the south of France, he worked with the group Cuba-Francia in an humanitarian project by sending donations from the port of Marseille to Cuba.


In 1996, he developed a Theatre Program in Condado in Santa Clara, one of the most marginal neighborhoods in central Cuba.


In 1995, he directed all cultural activities at the Marta Abreu orphanage in Santa Clara.


From 1993 to 1994, he cooperated with the Samuel Feijoo professorship for the development of popular culture, creating the Samuel Feijoo Center in San Juan de los Yera.


In 1992, he created and helmed a four-year interdisciplinary conservation commission, the ECO Project in Felipe Varela Superior School of the Arts, where he was a professor from 1989 to 1996.

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