Argentina - Manos Misioneras

Founded in 2002, Manos Misioneras works in a rural area of Misiones, 70 km from the capital, Posadas, where they collaborate with 5 schools. Through donations and sponsors they have considerably lowered school desertion. They built a community center, a computer center and a playground. They provide educational materials and thanks to donations from Nike and Grimoldi, they provide new shoes to all school children every year . This is extremely important because some of the children live very far away from their schools, and many times could not attend for lack of shoes. In 2012, they started offering a school bus to transport the children to school.

Their work benefits directly 470 children and indirectly 125 families.

The children

The children live in a rural area, in small houses, mostly wooden shacks. In many cases they lack electricity and water. The climate is extremely harsh. In summer temperatures reach 100F and crops are lost because of the drought. Winter brings freezing temperatures and constant rains that causes floods and loss of crops for excess water.

The school is the center of their lives. Not only they get an education, but they also get their meals. It is a place where they are contained, they get away from the problems in their homes and their farm responsibilities and they can be children for 4 hours, playing, having fun with their friends, laughing and enjoying.


Arroyo del Medio, Misiones                                                          2017 Report


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