Peru - Azul Wasi

The organization

Asociación Azul Wasi is a home for children and teenagers at risk that  were abandoned in the streets of Cusco. It was founded in 2002 by Alcides Jordán Cerda, former police officer and director of the home,  and currently houses 15 children ages 6 to 18.

It is a non-profit organization, working closely with the Family Court. It operates thanks to the work and donations of volunteers.

Alcides Jordán Cerda and his wife Alicia, a nurse, personally take care of the well-being of the children providing a home and a place to live. With just the basic necessities covered, but in a family environment filled with love. Alcides' goal is to provide all the children in Azul Wasi an education that will allow them to be independent professionals in the future,

Azul Wasi is located in Oropesa, a remote village in the outskirts of Cusco, Perú.


Thanks to private donations and the proceeds of the Azul Wasi Parties 2012 -2014, we have been able to provide funds on a monthly basis to cover basic necessities, and finished the construction of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a new kitchen and dining room.


Miriam Mengotti

Born and raised in Spain, she lives in Miami since 1987 with her husband and 4 children. Co-founder of the Yoga center in Key Biscayne,  since 2008 she has organized adventure yoga trips in the Peruvian Andes, taking small groups to walk the Salkantay Sacred Mountain finally arriving at Machu Picchu. Since 2010, they visit the small children's home "Azul Wasi" en Oropesa, Perú where they provide means for their basic necessities to improve their quality of life. Miriam is deeply thankful to God for the inspiration she receives from nature and from the humility and dedication of people who devote their lives to the service to others.