Fundacion Manos del Sur and FIDEC are working together to raise funds to finance educational programs in Latin America.

Our first event is collaboration with the Key Biscayne Rotary Club for its 11th annual Rotary Club Key Biscayne Wine and Food Fest. Funds raised at this event will finance an educational campaign that Fundación Stamboulian will implement in Argentina in collaboration with a local Rotary Club. The program is targeted to children, teachers and parents and will reach thousands of children in Argentina.

The program will be carried out through these 2 campaigns that include books, workshops, posters and activity books:

"Chicos que Eligen Cuidarse”: aimed at children of 4thand 5th grade. It is a self-care guide that teaches children how to take care of their immune system through basic habits such as vaccination, good nutrition, hand washing and daily bathing, teeth cleaning and the practice of sports and games.

"Quiero ser protagonista”: aimed at children of Kindergarten through 3rdgrade. It is designed to help strengthen the emotional and physical health of children, in order to promote the healthy development of self-esteem, the assessment of their skills and positive relationships with others.

You could be part of the campaign,  "Educate to Prevent" please help us reach our goal.