Corporate Partners

Manos del Sur’s corporate partners come from different industries. All of our partners are vital to building our programs for the children, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions. This is just a sample of the wonderful partnerships that have worked with us.

Transnational Foods


Fund a Project: You can make a powerful investment by contributing to a project in a specific country, periodically or through a one-time contribution, and make a lasting impact on a child and family in need.

Sponsor a Child: This is our most personalized program and offers the opportunity to build a relationship with an individual child.

Make a Matching Gift: When your company matches gifts from your employees, you show them you care about their interests.

Start an annual workplace campaign: Fundraising activities create a sense of common goals and shared pride, which is great for morale and team spirit. It can also generate goodwill with your customers, suppliers and the local community.

Sponsor an event: Sponsoring one of Manos del Sur's events is an excellent way to get exposure in the community, promote the company’s products or services and make contacts with potential customers, while contributing to a worthy cause.