Chile - Hogar Estudiantil Cardenal Oviedo

The Organization

Founded in 2002, Hogar Estudiantil Cardenal Carlos Oviedo, provides a home for 20 children, ages 8 to 20. Their mission is to restore the children's well-being that has been tarnished from a very early age. They accomplish this by providing for their most basic necessities, such as a safe and comfortable environment, nutritious food, healthcare, psychological care, education, and recreational activities. Through this they help the children reestablish their integral development and give them an opportunity have brighter futures.

The Children

By order of the Family Court, the organization receives children who have been abandoned, mentally or sexually abused, or were victims of family negligence. Many of the children have been there for many years. The children suffer many psychosomatic problems, depression and anxiety. This is reflected in situations of insecurity, low self esteem and violence. For all this, they receive permanent attention by specialists.


Quinta Normal, Santiago

Start date

September 2012


Desiree Lira