Chile - Maria Ayuda

The Organization

María Ayuda is a non profit organization that has been working for 34 years in the prevention and treatment of child abuse. They receive boys, girls and teenagers that are victims of sexual abuse, physical - psychological violence and abandonment. They work with their families to recover and strengthen the relationship between them to avoid repeated abuse from happening. Based on this mission, residential programs are developed throughout Chile, giving answer to a very complex issue that affects childhood in our country.


The main objective is to provide boys, girls and teenagers with a warm and familiar welcome experience that will allow them to grow as respectable, free and happy adults, after suffering traumatic situations of abuse and mistreatment.


Maria Ayuda currently has 19 social programs throughout Chile. These programs benefit more than 752 children and teenagers, where 71% are females and 29% males with an average age of 13 years old.


The Homes

"Padre Alfonso Boess”, Viña del Mar

This home shelters 18 boys and girls, that due to a judicial decision product of severe rights' violations, must be separated from their family group while the necessary actions are taken to reinstate their right to live with them. If this doesn’t occur, then they are assisted to prepare for an independent life and stay at the shelter until they legally become adults. 

In this home, they meet the children's basic needs, such as housing, food, clothing, recreation, early stimulation, psychological and emotional  support; ensuring their access to education, health and all other services required for the well being and comprehensive development.


"María del Puerto Claro”, Valparaíso

This program currently provides a home for 21 teenage mothers and 18 babies. Here they receive all services needed for their well-being and the children's development. It seeks to promote the emotional mother-child bond, developing the maternal competencies and providing psycho-social and educational support for the adolescents.Additional activities are also done to encourage school reintegration.

Infants are treated to evaluate their psycho-motor development and physical health., promoting early stimulation in a supportive environment. Work is done with the adolescents' family to recover and strengthen their relationship and achieve their reintegration, with their child, to their family of origin. In the case that their are no significant protective adults in their families, adolescent mothers are prepared to live an independent life when they achieve legal adulthood.